Cobogó House | Ney Lima


Modernist references and yellow cobogós the façade stand out amidst the trees a loft of 120 square meters designed by architect Ney Lima. In a Brasília neighborhood called Park Way, where neoclassical mansions predominate , the project stands to spend simplicity and personality and reveal a house with references in straight lines from the 60s and the Bauhaus school .

The facade is highlighted by simple volumetric niches that frame in yellow , the same color of the wall in cobogós . The main door of the house in demolition wood on first contact and brings the personality of the inhabitant.

Three elements were used to carry out the project design , concrete , wood and yellow. This as a landmark of the language cobogós were created by the Office of DOMO architecture for a show in Brasilia and then reused in the home.







Category Name: HOUSES & HOUSING
Author: Ney Lima
Credits: Photography © Edgard Cesar
Place: Brasília, Brasil
Year: 2013