Drawings | Akira Yamaguchi


Japanese artist Akira Yamaguchi’s work explores the sensation of time disappearing, not only metaphorically but also psychologically and literally. He has made a name for himself with paintings that pay homage to classical Japanese masters like Hokusai and Hiroshige while evoking the complexity of hieronymus bosch. Over the last ten years Yamaguchi has crafted strange, often complex paintings, which pay homage to masters whilst being modern and strikingly original. Yamaguchi also fuses different artistic styles in his drawings – we see the lack of
perspective characteristic of early yamato-e paintings; and we also see treatments in the style of contemporary media such as manga, and the virtual imagery found in anime and video games.







Category Name: DRAWINGS
Author: Akira Yamaguchi
Credits: Courtesy of Akira Yamaguchi
Link: http://mizuma-art.co.jp/artist/0250/index_e.php
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