Ecologic Bridge for Birds | Claudio Magrini, Emilio Marin


The work is the result of an art competition organized by the MOP (Ministry of Public Works) who was won on December of 2008. It is part of a long series of public contests who seek a tighter relationship between art and road infrastructure.

The project proposal is based in the natural geographic verification of the site emplacement, located in the communication path among the Aconcagua and Maipo-Mapocho rivers, considered as a ground bridge between the mountains and the sea. An ecosystem witch it is used by the birds en their constant movement.

Starting by the presuppose that a highway always produce a gap in the ecosystem, the goal was to palliate that interruption with an ecologic bridge for the birds. The result: an installation formed by 8 modular metallic trees in which branches little houses and different sizes accessories are set.

The proposal is based in the specific bird inventory of the place, which determinate the design and measurement of every single little house and each accessory. All supervised by an credited ornithologist.

A effectively study remains pendent, that’s why soon a senior year ornithology student will face this task in his degree project. Which is a way to extend the work process far beyond the physical installation.

From an artistic point of view we wanted to offset the conception of the artwork as an objectual and neutral element (as behold in the main exteriority) with a relational system between the parts. From the parts among them, from the parts with the elements of the landscape and with the ecosystem itself.

The material with which are build all parts of the art installation is steel, due to the weather conditions.

Finally in infrastructure terms, just as the road signs and the luminary, it consists in a standard set that can be deployed in the landscape.









Category Name: GREEN
Author: Claudio Magrini, Emilio Marin
Credits: Photography © Claudio Magrini
Place: Chicureo Valley, Chile
Year: 2010