Housing project in Helsingborg | Wilhelmson Arkitekter


Stockholm architects Wilhelmson Arkitekter have designed a housing project with windows that look like gilded picture frames.
Upper end housing proposed for a site just north of Helsingborg, Sweden. Generous apartments with clear views onto Öresund (the sound between Sweden and Denmark). Denmark is on the horizon.
2 houses, both with 6 stories. In total 14 apartments (9 of them duplex apartments), 100-170 sqm.
Enameled façade panels, glossy white. Cast aluminium window frames, gold leaf-plated.






Category Name: HOUSES & HOUSING
Author: Wilhelmson Arkitekter
Credits: All image courtesy by Wilhelmson Arkitekter
Link: http://www.wilhelmson.se/
Place: Helsingborg, Denmark
Year: 2008-2009 | project