Miami Design District | Touzet Studio


Touzet Studio has designed a new commercial building in the Miami Design District for the Chariff Realty Group that will serve as a gateway to the neighborhood. Located at 3711 NE 2nd Avenue, the three-story, 21,592 square-foot building will be completed by summer 2015.

3711 NE 2nd Avenue is a study in contrasts. At street level, the building will be dark and rounded to contrast visually with the sleekness of the rectilinear shape of the upper floors. The building’s materiality creates interesting contrasts by the Touzet’s use of architectural concrete, embossed metal and glass. The inside/outside contrast is exemplified by paved urban courtyard designed by landscape architect Jefre that will take you to a rooftop garden with downtown Miami and ocean views. The building will serve as an ideal place for events both on the rooftop and at the street level. The exterior lighting was an important component of the project.

The commercial use of the building is contrasted by a floating bar façade at the top of the structure that is meant to be a three dimensional canvas for projecting digital art installations. It can also announce and give a glimpse of what is happening in the Design District or in Miami. The massing and moves were kept purposely simple so that the floating bar façade can take on different personalities, playing with simple concrete and light and not relying on complicated metals skins or glass.

The fins that sit on the I95 side of the building are another contrasting, optical device used as a way to make the building look different when one is driving in either direction, to the beach, or back to the mainland.









Category Name: SHOPS - STORES
Author: Touzet Studio
Credits: Courtesy of Touzet Studio
Place: Miami, USA
Year: in progress