Redevelopment of the Praia dos Moinhos Beach | M-Arquitectos


The major meaning of the project given was to empathize the small place memories, but knowing the need of improving and qualify the pedestrian access and the bath facilities in the Porto Formoso beach.

Indeed, in a modern formal language, the project have been made to give a major role to the place’s existences as by its landscape materiality presence, as by the enclosing housing, which, by ages, have been giving to this place a cozy and intimate image.Therefore, the built project had these assumptions as the very foundation, but allied with significant functional improvements, from public illumination to the beach attainability itself, providing bath facilities dimensioned for the regular number of bathers, a first aid post, exterior showers and repaving the all area from the main road artery to the shore.







Category Name: GREEN
Author: M-Arquitectos
Credits: Photography © Paulo Goulart
Place: Ribeira Grande, Portugal
Year: 2007